Is Eugene Going to Get Uber or Lyft (again)?

Jared Hicks News

So When is Eugene Going to Get Uber or Lyft (again)?

The answer is sooner than some might think. Oregon’s most prominent holdout city finally might succumb to the ride sharing revolution sweeping the rest of the country.

Uber operated in Eugene starting back in mid-2014, but was quickly put to halt by the city back in April of 2015. The city of Eugene had decided to impose prohibitive restrictions on all ride sharing services, essentially in the name of protecting local taxi companies from being impacted by these recent tech innovations.

Along with providing convenience and savings, there is hope that these ride hailing services will have an impact on drunk driving accidents. A study was done by the Amercian Journal of Epidemiology on cities that had the service, shut it down, and resumed it. The study actually reported a decrease in alcohol related accidents while the services were active in Portland.

Finally, common sense appears to be prevailing and Eugene. Last month the city indicated that it was willing to give on its requirement for a minimum $1,000,000 insurance policy for drivers along loosening up on vehicle inspection requirements.

It appears there is a chance we could have the option to Uber home before the end of this year.